Top Best Solar Power Bank 2018

Best Solar Power Bank Energy has become an integral part of our routine life. We need a constant supply of electric energy to perform a various function during the whole day. We do not have access to electricity all the time. So the man has invented power banks to have with him a source for charging its devices all the time. In this piece, we are going to discuss some of the best solar power banks that the market offer to us. Have a look and choose your favorite to get a constant source of energy for your daily use.

X-Dneng 10000mAh Portable Solar Power Bank

The solar power bank form X-Dneng is one of the best of its kind. It offers the fast transformation rate than any other power bank.  X-Dneng power bank stores 10000mAh energy in the Li-polymer batteries for the backup. So now you have to charge bank and can use the stored energy for the long period. The solar power bank is compatible with all smartphones including, iPhone and Samsung. Not only is this but the bank also compatible with the GoPro, GPS MP3, and several other devices.

Furthermore, the X-Dneng offers the dual USB options to the users. It offers to charge for two different devices at the same time. The Smart technology helps you to save your device from overcharging and overloading. X-Dneng is your perfect partner for all the outdoor activities. It offers a great experience with its compatible design and the excellent transformation technology.

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FLOUREON 10000mAh Portable Foldable Best Solar Power BankFloureon 10000mAh Portable Foldable Best Solar Power Bank

A power bank becomes more efficient when comes with the four solar panels. So the solar power bank from the Floureon is the one with the mentioned above feature. If you are planning for the hiking or any other outdoor activity, then you need to consider it. The very power bank come in a compatible and fold-able design. It offers you to hang it with your backpack for the charging purpose. The new Li-polymer batteries provide the excellent energy storage capacity of 10000mAh. The Floureon solar power bank with fantastic protection is the best solar power bank.

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Akeem Portable Charger 22000mAh External Battery Power

Akeem Portable Charger 22000mAh External Battery Solar Power Bank

Although the solar power banks made to recharged with the solar power. This is suitable for the emergency situation. What about charging your solar power bank through regular charging adopter? The other solar power banks in the market offer the 1A chargers which take almost a whole day for charging. The adopter of AKEEM portable charger comes with the 2.1A, 5V adopter. It can charge the power bank in 11 to 12 hours. The power bank comes with the 3 USB ports to allow you to charge 3 devices at the same time. The power bank from the AKEEM has the highest capacity as compared to all the other devices in the market. So now with this power bank, you can arrange a trip without worrying about the charging options. The bank offers 22000mAh capacity to charge the devices efficiently.

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Kedron 22000mAh Power Bank

Kedron 22000mAh Solar Power Bank

The device protection feature in any power bank is essential as the charging feature. The smart charging offer by Kedron power bank gives protection to the users against all charging hazards. The portable power bank by Kedron allows us to use the high stored energy of 22000mAh for a variety of devices. The power banks allow the 3 USB ports to increase the charging area across various devices. The devices, including iPhone, iPad, Android and many more. Although this power bank from Kedron comes with a single solar panel. This makes it necessary to charge it on constant energy source if not an emergency. The high capacity USB ports of 5v, 2.1A offers the fast charging facility. As well as the convenience while involving in some outdoor activity.  

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Ruipu 24000mah Solar Power Bank

What if we tell you that we have the best solar power bank that can charge your iPhone about 7 times in a row? With the 24000mAh extreme capacity, the power bank by Ruipu offers to charge partner to assist charging in all situations. With great charging capacity, you can sleep without worrying about charging your power bank each night. The very power banks come with a compatible design to promote the usage. The best power bank offers the 3 USB in varying capacities. It offers the charging at various rates including 2-2A and 1A ports. The ports help in sharing power bank with your friends during the outdoor thrills. The solar power bank offers to get a recharge by four different methods including:

  • Charging from the solar energy
  • Moreover, charging through USB cable
  • Charging with the help of adopter
  • Charging through lamp

You can use any methods and charge your power bank for the emergency situations. If you plan on hiking, camping or go for some outdoor cooking plans, then it’s a perfect choice. The excellent power source is always with your to save you from power emergencies. So what are you waiting for? Grab favorite Ruipu power bank and make vacations and adventures amazing.

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RavPower 15000mAh Outdoor Portable Best Solar Power Bank

RavPower 15000mAh Outdoor Portable Best Solar Power Bank

A solar power bank can only work wonder when it equips with a rather wide solar panel. So, the RAVpower is the best solar power bank that not only comes with a wide solar panel. But also offers you a least charging time facility. The dual DC is charging port of 2A/5V help in charging power bank conveniently and swiftly.

With the 15000mAh battery, you can also store the energy, to use in case of an emergency situation. You have the facility to charge whenever you want isn’t it something that is the prime purpose of a power bank.   The LED light also ease the stay while in the outdoors or somewhere away from the light sources.

With the efficient and effective design, you can have the most protection against the damp and the dust. Now protect yourself from any all kind of inconvenience and weird situation. Let’s have with you the RAVpower solar power bank as a must.

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Beartwo 10000mAh Portable Solar Power Bank

There is no doubt in it that solar power banks have become an integral part of our lives. So we cannot afford to lose them. Here comes the BearTwo solar power bank with the IP67 protection. The best solar power bank offers great protection by covering both the USB ports with the rubber caps. This not it also offers the more reinforced corners to create a sturdy and rough appearance. With the reversed loop and the rugged surface, this power bank offers great grip and utility. Thus consider as the best choice for the hikers and campers. The BearTwo power bank is the best solar power bank due to its high durability and fast charging capability.

The USB ports provided by the power bank only allow the charging of two devices. It also offers the great lightening source as well. With the long-lasting LED light, the power bank from BearTwo is all that you need in life. If you are afraid of damage to your devices, then let us confirm you that BearTwo solar power bank that develops of smart charging technology. The quick charging crafts to save the device from overcharging, overheating and surges. Furthermore, the power bank offers the users a stylish, compact and portable design. You can carry it along with you anywhere you want. You have to keep this thing in mind that solar power is not the prime source of energy to charge the power bank. But you have to charge it on some constant energy source if at home.

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Teryei Solar Power Bank 15000mAh

Teryei Solar Power Bank 15000mAh

Having a beautiful and compact power bank along with you is a must to do while opting for an outdoor trip. Most of the time we get amazed due to the variety of the features that the various companies offer in the particular power banks. To choose the best solar power bank, you have to go through all the market offerings. And then, decide which one suits your adventure.

The 15000mAh power and the fantastic wide solar panel, the solar power bank by Teryei is the best solar power bank. It offers to charge in the absence of any constant source of electricity. So plan camping, hiking, and outdoor party with this power bank. You can connect yourself with the world via cell phone.   The Teryei solar power bank offers the excellent source for charging your devices. With the extra connecting ports, charging is much simple. The LED light and four lightening feature make it best.

This power bank offers the users a facility to charge their devices whenever they want. We have mentioned above a list of the best solar power banks that the market is offering nowadays. If you are planning on some outdoor expedition, then all you need is a constant source of energy. You can choose this bank to charge your devices, including smartphones and cameras. So select one for you and enjoy your trip.

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