The Affordable Gaming Laptops [Updated 2018]

Everyone would love to own a Gaming Laptops at the lowest possible price, right?

So do us! But, it isn’t such an easy task to manage. You can go to the market or any online store and you will find everything except what you wanted- best Gaming Laptops at a low price. The budget constraints will push you to suffice yourself with COD 2 or GTA Vice City. While the gamer in you would urge you to find such a gaming laptop that can go on with GTA V and Watch Dog 2.

Not every laptop can be termed as a gaming laptop. The specifications need to be very objective in their nature. The Gaming Laptops should have a good graphics card which means better display, better FPS rates, and faster processor, faster RAM and of course long hour battery life.

There is one thing that has been missed. Yes, price!

The best Gaming Laptops should be the best in terms of affordability too. Not everyone can afford the high-end laptops and people are mostly looking for something in their purchasing power.

We know it looks confusing with so many brands and so many varieties in the market. Moreover, the seller trying to sell you just everything. You can get the best in terms of budget but just keep in mind a few points before you proceed.

500$ is the threshold for the minimum price. You need to have this much at least. Though it won’t guarantee better frame rates still you can enjoy quite a great deal of it.

We are not saying that you won’t be able to enjoy HD games on cheaper laptops. But you will surely have issues with the smoothness of the gameplay.

However, once you move up to $800 benchmark, you’ll have a long list of Gaming Laptops available to you. They will be efficient enough for you enjoy most of the latest games with decent frame rates and smoother gameplay. They will be capable of supporting high-quality streaming graphics for most of the games, but not all. You have to understand this fact that the best Gaming Laptops for you might be because you want to play Tomb Raider but not for your friend who wants to play Wolfenstein or Watch Dogs.

But what if we tell you about three of the very high-quality Gaming Laptops with benchmarks that will simply throw you back. These aren’t from local companies but are manufactured by the most prestigious ones. However, in terms of their specifications, they are rightly known as gaming laptops. Yet, they are so cheap! Won’t cost you thousands of dollars.

And you can enjoy the best gaming experience for them too with hours of non-interrupted streaming and smooth gameplay. Let’s take you to them.

Acer Predator Helios 300-Best Gaming Laptops 2

Acer Predator Helios 300 – Best Gaming Laptops

Acer Predator Helios 300 is the first one on the list of Gaming Laptops. With the high quality flowing graphics display and a stylish body, this laptop deserves to be on the top of your priority list. You can just rely on it and it will offer you the very best at very nominal prices.

Fair deal, right? Let’s dive into the details of its specifications and see what makes it such a great gaming machine.

In terms of its battery timings, it is a giant. You can expect it to last for over 6 hours while you stream your best game online. Unlike the other laptops in this price range, it has a more stable battery in terms of charging and discharging alike. However, upon excess usage, some customers report that the charging time is best. Anyways, the discharging time continues to stay in its limit, so you don’t need to worry about it.

Coming on to the keyboard, it’s quite comfortable in its feeling. However, the keys have some vertical distance to travel so maybe you won’t feel its responsiveness at the start. With the passage of time, you’ll get used to exerting just a fraction of more pressure than normal and you’ll be just fine with how everything is going. In a way, a gaming keyboard should need some weight to press the keys. Otherwise, just a slight touch will cause a reaction in the game you are playing. Then it is going to be all about getting the best feeling out of the gaming experience.

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As far as the touchpad is concerned, it is quite spacious and is responsive as well. It fully supports all the touch features of Windows 10 and you’ll have no issues while zooming with it.

Nice and loud, this is how we would describe Acer Predator speakers. This is one of the sole reasons why it is the best Gaming Laptops. You can just play the games you like, and the sounds will be just too real to believe. They have the right amount of resonance and the sound omitted fills in the space around you well. You will be enjoying the same quality of sound all over the area around the laptop irrespective of your position.

Predator is installed with a 2.8-GHz Intel i7 processor and a whopping RAM of 16 GB which makes it fast as well as responsive. This is exactly what a Gaming Laptops should have in it. You can just enjoy doing whatever you wish without having any issues of lag during it. Not only in gaming, are these specifications equally good to use for sorting out data, VR displays and programming up to an intermediate level.
Want a final verdict? If you are okay with less fine details on display and want to have a fast and reliable gaming laptop for just over $1000, this is the one for you. If no, then there are two more to come before you decide.

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Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Series Gaming Edition-Best affordable laptop

Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Series Gaming Edition – Best affordable laptop

Though second in the list, it is by no means less than the Acer Predator. Even in some specifications, it surpasses it despite the fact that it cheaper.

What’s unique in Dell Inspiron 15 is the IPS display which wasn’t there in its previous model now is it present in the Acer Predator. IPS display ensure details and displays with more accurate colors. So, it means that your navy-blue shirt won’t appear black on the screen anymore and you can just distinguish between hairline textures in gaming too. IPS display also adds with wider display angles. Your siblings or friends can also enjoy the same game you are playing.

The keyboard has some issues for some users while for others it’s just alright. To start with, it is too far back on the laptop due to a tall touchpad installed. The size of touchpad seems to be an added feature, but it hasn’t worked out well since it has limited the ease of access to the keyboard itself.

This case is not only with this laptop but most of the Dell laptops have this issue with them. Otherwise, the keys are quite okay though a little more pressure requires to press them. That’s fine as long as you can adapt to it.

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Coming to the touchpad, it’s quite long in its length. We would have preferred it to be wider in its shape. However, more area definitely means more ways to use it. You can pinch and zoom to a lot of extents and the touchpad won’t back off in terms of its responsiveness.

The click is also quite smooth, and you’ll enjoy gaming with it. However, we recommend a pointer mouse with each of these gaming laptops as they are quicker and more responsive to performance.

While mentioning sound quality, we would say that they have fairly good speakers for such a gaming laptop. The only drawback in this might be the lesser availability of bass which some gamers might not like.

However else it has every feature to be called as the best gaming laptop in terms of audio quality. The speakers have a pleasant output and the audio is also clear. Whatever game you are playing, the sound won’t screech, and you will get a wonderful acoustic feeling.

The best part of it is NVIDIA GTX 1060 installed with 6GB VRAM that will make any game to run on this laptop. You can enjoy whatever you like on high settings and you will not disappoint by this purchase.

However, in case of updated games, you are required to shift them on lower settings to ensure regular frame rates. In normal games, you’ll get FPS of over 50Hz which is what every gamer looks for!

Want a tagline? It is cheap, efficient in the display, recommended for smoother frame rates and above all, it is sleek and acute gaming machine! Once you buy it, we are sure that you will fall in love with this beast and all that it has to offer.

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Eluktronics N870HP6 Pro Premium - Best VR Ready Cheap Gaming Laptop

Eluktronics N870HP6 Pro Premium – Best VR Ready Cheap Gaming Laptop

Virtual reality graphics is a relatively newer but very popular phenomenon. And what if we tell you that Eluktronics N870HP6 Gaming Laptop not only supports high-quality gaming but is also compatible to be used as a VR Laptop.

This laptop is a gem if you are looking for a laptop offering HD IPS display with wide viewing angles. It has been manufactured in a way that due to better contrast it provides the user with the immersive gaming experience. It has a huge 17.3’’ screen that presents excellent contrast and vibrant color features. You get astonished to use it as it comes so cheap and is yet so good in terms of display. It displays excellent picture quality.

Moreover, it offers the user vivid color display to offer high quality 1080p gaming display that too without interruptions. The frame rates it offers are over 50Hz in all cases and you don’t need to lower game settings to suit it. Play any game in any settings you like, and you’ll see why it considers as the best gaming laptop. It has lots of reasons to be called so.

For instance, it has a clean and sleek aluminum build and isn’t such a showy laptop in terms of designs. The manufacturers have kept it simple and have made sure that the real quality lies in the software, not the hardware. It wasn’t much of aggression as other gaming laptops on the outside, so it will fit in any scenario. However, once you use it, you’ll see that it has some serious quality to offer you on the inside.

However, as the keyboard is our concern, it lit with RGB lights. Thus making your gaming ventures more and more colorful. The keys are soft in their touch and are ready to press by just the force you’ll be comfortable in. Not only gaming, but these keys are good enough for typing as customers reported to cross their best typing speed up to 100WPM in it.

You might have some issues with the odd positioning of the touchpad. But it is fine when you will see that it is quite responsive. If you don’t have a pointer mouse for faster responses, we assure you that this laptop will still work quite well for you.

In terms of performance, it installs NVIDIA GTX 1050 Ti with 4GB VRAM and has a 2.80 GHz Intel processor. So, performance should not be much of an issue provided the fact that it has been supported with a 16GB RAM which is more than enough for a gaming laptop. Don’t forget to mention the VR support too!

If you want to ask which games you will be able to play on this laptop, then there is no limit for it. You can play Far Cry, Watch Dogs and even GTA V on a live stream. It will work just fine at reasonably good frame-rates.

You can buy this laptop as a gaming machine if you have interest in games of better quality and especially those with HD graphic settings. This laptop is also equally well for VR operations and in our opinion. It has so much to offer in quite a lesser amount. We would personally highly recommend it if you have lots of stuff to manage to range from office work to graphic designing and at the end of course- your beloved gaming.

As a verdict, we would say that these three laptops are equally great to be called the best. It depends on what you want from them. Just buy what you feel like and enjoy HD streaming gaming with ease!

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